Walk In

Term indicating a passing customer, in other words, a client arriving at the hotel without a reservation.


Partial or complete cancellation of a block of rooms for a group.

Wash Factor

Statistically significant percentage that must be taken into consideration for an optimum strategy for inventory management and overbooking. It is the factor given by the sum of three elements: no-shows, unexpected departures, late cancellations (cancellations on the...


Usually considered as from Sunday to Thursday.

Weekend Rate

Rates which are valid only for stays during the weekend.

Weekend – WE

May be Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday or Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Tour operators who resell margin, rooms and travel services.

Willingness To Pay -WTP

The client is willing to pay a sum which he/she  attributes as of equal value to a product/service. If the quality is lower than expected, the client’s WTP declines.


One of the world’s four major GDS. It was founded in Atlanta in February 1990 by an agreement between Delta Airlines (40%), Northwest Airlines (34%) and TWA (26%). The Worldspan reservation system is connected to more than 20,000 travel agencies (in Italy around 700),...