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1 Way Interface – 1WAY

The 1 way interface allows the hotel to automate the insertion of reservations coming from online channels or GDSs on their PMS.  With a 1 way Interface the PMS only receives information.   EXAMPLE receiving a reservation from,  if my CM is interfaced...

2 Way Interface – 2WAY

The 2 way interface has the same properties as the one way system but allows the PMS not only to receive information, but also to share it with the CRS/CM. Specifically, the information flow is such that the CRS/CM receives the availability and/or price directly from...

Acceptable Cost

Estimated cost that can best meet the expectations of the client. The cost, of course, is higher in facilities where clients have greater financial means.

Achievement Factor

see Room Sales Efficiency

Acid Test – AT

It is an index given by the ratio of the sum of immediate liquidity (IL, represented by current liabilities) and immediate and deferred liquidity (DL), over the current liabilities (CL). The acid test indicates the ability to meet short term financial commitments....

Actual Market Share – AMS

Occupied rooms/occupied rooms of the Competitive Set. Indicates the achieved percentage of market share.

Additional Demand

see Unconstrained Demand

Advance Booking Forecast Model

Forecasting models of demand based on the increase in time of reservations => pickup. The arrival date for which the forecast is made is constituted by the “business on the book” (the number of reservations received until today) to which an estimated number of...

Advance Booking – ADV

Although the restriction of having to reserve a certain number of days before the stay date (the number of days may vary, usually up to 45/30/15, etc., and is established according to the principal segment of the hotel’s clientele and habitual reservation practices) a...

Advance Purchase

see Advance Booking