Bed & Breakfast – B&B

A type of service which comprises overnight stay and breakfast the following morning. The term may also refer to a particular non-hotel establishment offering this type of service.   

Best Available Rate – BAR

The best tariff available online. By convention this often does not correspond to those with the lowest price but rather to those with the lowest tariff with conditions concerning cancellations, refunds and payment in hotel.

Best Flexible Rate – BFR

The best available tariff among products with flexible tariffs, in other words, those without restrictions.

Bid Price

The price (economic value) below which it is not worthwhile selling a product (room, seat, car, etc.) for a certain day or period because it is estimated that there will be other requests at prices equal to or higher than the Bid Price.  

Block Group

Similar concept to the allotment. The Block Group represents a number of rooms reserved for a group. A Block Group is a room inventory transaction. The refusal date set by the hotel allows selling the rooms after a fixed date if no payment has been made to confirm the...


Either a single reservation or the reservations department.  

Booking Mask

Reservation mask on websites which allows users, by inserting arrival and departure dates (or number of nights) and number of people, to receive a “personalized price estimate”.  

Booking Status

The status of a reservation: Request, Option, Confirmed, Guaranteed, Cancelled, In-House, No-Show.

Bottom Rate

Minimum Tariff below which it is not convenient to sell a certain type of room. “Emergency Price”.

Break Even Point – BEP

The break-even point (or simply break even) is a value which indicates the quantity, expressed in volume of production or total sales, necessary to cover costs and therefore to be able to close the period of reference without either profit or loss.   


The Budget estimate is a document containing data which have been set as objectives. It may be divided into areas (marketing, Hotel, F&B, etc.) and/or into components (revenue or costs). It is useful for setting financial and performance objectives.

Building Cost Method

Also known as the “thousandth” rule, it has now fallen into disuse. To define the maximum tariff of a room, the total cost of the construction of a hotel was divided by the number of rooms and this figure was then divided itself by 1000.


The formation via pooling together products and/or services of commercial offers and proposed to clients as a “bundle” characterized by an aggressively priced special offer. There are two principal categories: Mixed Bundling (where products/services may be sold...

Business Group

Group of clients who are staying (or travelling) for reasons of work.

Business On The Book – BOB

All “the reservations on the book” that is to say the reservations taken for the future, including options, with all related information (overnight stays, total sales, average revenue, number of people, etc.). This is very important because it provides the basic data...

Business Opportunity Gain – BOG

Special reporting function in certain RM systems (formerly Optims, now Amadeus RMS) which measure increases in obtained revenue with respect to a theoretical potential value. This function is of particular importance for evaluating the efficiency of implemented...

Business Rule

Activation through different channel managers of tariff alignment and room quotas.