VHP (Visual Hotel Program) is a fully integrated and modular business intelligence for all needs of the hotel industry. More over twenty years of specialist experience have been turned into this professional hotel management software solution. Using VHP, the hotel operators are able to provide better customer service while achieving increased hotel management efficiency of their daily operation.It is based on 4GL RDBMS and guarantees high performance and highest stability. The fully graphical user interface under MS-Windows offers a comfortable and smooth operation environment. So it is very easy for VHP users to learn and operate the application hotel system within a short period of time.A complete integration with MS-Office guarantees a fast and easy workflow. Moreover, VHP is available and operates in multiple languages, including Chinese and Russian. The program can be operated by mouse, function keys or keyboard as well. Each field is linked with help buttons and input help to provide permanent user guidance. VHP is a highly secured property management system. Multiple level security is enabled by user definable privileges access. VHP integrates the modules Front Office, Point of Sales, Banquet & Conference Management, Club Management, Back Office, Accounting, Fixed Assets and Online Reservation System into an All in One solution with Single Entry Philosophy. Transaction entries in the Front Office, Point of Sales and Inventory modules automatically process and update the General Ledger properly.

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