Meet our all-in-one software solution, the Optima line of products for chain hotels. Start managing your hotel chain from one place. The best and ultimate solution for your chain of hotels. Includes front office management systems for all types of hotel chain operations. We at Silverbyte offer our customers an integrated, comprehensive, intuitive and user friendly line of solutions for all aspects of hotel chain operations. All Optima line applications are integrated, using a single image open database, allowing full access to data across all modules and all hotel departments. Whether it is Reception or Banqueting, Spa or Accounts receivable, all modules read from the same database. In addition to this, all modules have the same recognizable user interface allowing staff easily switch between applications. The Optima solution for chain of hotels is CRM oriented and centralized in one data center allowing to improve guest’s service and guests’ satisfaction.The Optima solution for chain of hotels is LHW (Leading Hotels of the World) compatible and installed big chains all around the work such as Fattal Hotels, Leonardo Hotels, Premier Hotels, Dan Hotels etc, It is more than just another PMS system, it is a computerized E.R.P solution that will guarantee improvements throughout all aspects: marketing, guest service and satisfaction, occupancy, average room rates, staff productivity and satisfaction, control procedures and real time management decision making.Start managing your chain smarter.Contact us for a demonstration of the Optima Solution for your chain.

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