Revcaster is more than rate shopping! Revenue Management does not have to be difficult.

Flexible Designed Data Sources – We made our new app so flexible it can accept data from nearly any source. Once the measures are in the application a new world of organization and analysis is revealed for your property.

Easily Customized Dashbords – Gone are the days where you have to collate, sort, and share data from different sources. Our widgetable dashboard lets you combine multiple data points into actionable views.

Custom Alerts – Any of the metrics you are storing in the app can have customized alerts and business rules. Get notified by email, SMS, in-app, and via chat. Decide what you want showing in your dashboard and how you want it to appear.

Pricing Engine – Leveraging our business rules module, you can combine alerts generated by multiple data streams to generate rate change recommendations based on how YOU manage your hotel.

Demand Analysis – Conferences, concerts, convention centers, extreme weather, vacation rentals like AirBNB. External factors can have a measurable impact on your hotel’s performance. revcaster brings all of this information together, allowing you and your team to have a clearer picture of your market.

Competitor Analysis – We give you actionable information about your competition. Ranking on the OTA’s, repuation and customer sentiment all come together to give you key insights. We also bring together your favorite benchmarking tools and reports to give your team a centralized place to review.

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