MyForecast® is a Revenue Management System for Hotel devoted to a detailed analysis of bookings, and it allows you to implement sales forecasting through the analysis of PickUp, Wash, Revenue and Room Night data by comparing the price indices of the current year with historical data and YearToDate. The software allows a comprehensive data analysis – both at the hotel level and at room level – for each of the rooms in the hotel. All information is always segmented for booking sources. These activities take place through the integration between “input” from the PMS and “output” from the Channel Manager. The tool is enhanced by: statistics, graphs, dashboards and customizable alerts, competitive pricing analysis, Brand Reputation Index, event calendar, and many other customizable elements.
MyForecast® is a constantly evolving tool for analysis and to support the decision-making process, extremely useful for hotels.
MyForecast® is a trademark of SICANIASC hospitality.

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