The central hub between your CRS and the meta-search providers.TripAdvisor Bid Management
Now with Auto-bidding, bid to 1st position, and bid to top 3, you can manage global campaign bids manually or gain more control with TripAdvisor’s budget and bidding control for groups of countries.
Bid Management
Each platform works on a cost-per-click basis. Costs vary per platform, some are on a bid model, others are based on volume negotiations. We recommend all hotel chains to negotiate directly with the meta-search provider when possible and can help you. For smaller groups and individual hotels, our negotiated rates are a great option. The global average cost per click is 0.96€
ROI Reporting
Meta I/O is a reporting platform in it’s own right, sortable by ROI, revenue, ad-spend and more. But if you want more reports you can always download the information in Excel format to integrate it with your other reports.

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