Our revenue management is unique in that we are incentivized to make our clients’ money with no strings attached. We have no brand affiliation and can work with multiple brands for owners with different hotels in different markets. You’ll receive the same reporting and even portfolio roll-ups so you’re not trying to figure out different reports and systems across all your properties. We are trained in all the major systems, and focus on ALL your channels, not just brand.com. Our detailed Snapshot is emailed to you automatically every morning before you even wake up. We capture data at the reservation-level, so we don’t have any confusion on what’s picking-up or why. This allows us to make much more knowledgeable decisions with pricing and yielding resulting in more money. In contrast, most systems don’t pull at the individual reservation level, so other revenue management providers (including the brands) simply make decisions based on occupancy pick-up and pretty much nothing else. We can pin-point exactly what guest is booking and even identify those guests that are your top 100 revenue producers to highlight those guests for your operation team.

This is one of the primary advantages of Kriya RevGEN. Our onboarding process is completely seamless and requires little to no interaction or down time on your end. Schedule a demo with us and we can have your data live on the demo to find immediate opportunities.

Additionally, there is no delay in generating a forecast. We use our vast knowledge base of current hotels and well-conceived but non-complicated algorithms to forecast and suggest optimal BAR recommendations (vs. a year until rate recommendations can be implemented like our competitors.

Schedule a demo with us and we will simply request access to your PMS logins to pull in your data (i.e. no work on your end.

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