Make better, data-driven decisions with Duetto’s intelligent-reporting application, ScoreBoard. Analyze and forecast performance across your entire company and deliver actionable insights to key stakeholders in real time. ScoreBoard features:
• The Easiest Forecast You’ll Ever Build: With month-level entry and the flexibility to make adjustments at the stay date level, you spend minutes, not days, building forecasts and budgets. With the ability to customize the forecast editor to fit your workflow, compiling the data you need to make the best business decisions is easy. Duetto’s industry-first “smart spreading” technology takes updates to your monthly forecast and intelligently allocates them day by day, segment by segment.
• Real-Time Visibility Into Your Data: Eliminate the wasted time and frustration caused by extracting and manipulating data from your other systems. Use ScoreBoard’s fully customizable reporting with dozens of metrics, filters or comparisons to find exactly what you need. Get more time to analyze trends, formulate pricing strategies and put those plans into action.
• Your Entire Performance in One Simple View: The intelligent-reporting app brings together all of your data sources, from every property, for easy visualization. Track not only your historical numbers and forecasts, but also dynamic information sets that power a truly elevated Revenue Strategy.
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