Optimize every booking and unleash Open Pricing by independently yielding all segments, channels and room types in real time with new and better insights into demand with GameChanger. Duetto brings together decades of leadership in both revenue management and cloud-based technology, creating an ideal Revenue Strategy solution for a hotel or casino of any size. Increase guest loyalty and profitability with actionable data to better manage pricing and business-mix decisions. All editions of the application are built from the same foundation of Duetto’s biggest competitive advantages, including:

• Open Pricing: Scrapping the traditional hurdle rate and tiered BAR pricing models, Open Pricing enables you to price all channels, segments, room types and offers independently, without closing off any available inventory. Keep channels open and always benefit from the Billboard Effect.

• Predictive Analytics: GameChanger provides a clear picture of demand with forward-looking data like web shopping regrets and denials and online review and rating scores, in addition to traditional revenue management data sets like historical booking information, booking pace and competitor pricing.

• In the Cloud: Multi-tenant cloud architecture provides serious advantages in speed and efficiency. Intuitive, easy to use and accessible on any device, GameChanger allows all departments to leverage valuable insight. In true software-as-a-service fashion, product updates are frequent and free.

• Customer Success: GameChanger users have access to our Customer Success Managers, the hospitality pros who guide you from on-boarding to ongoing profitability. With decades of revenue management experience, they help you maximize the capability of the app to elevate your Revenue Strategy.

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