Hotels count on groups and non-transient business to build a solid base of bookings, but they can lose money if those rooms are filled for the wrong rate or at the wrong time. They need to think outside the block and yield group rates dynamically for greater revenue and profit. The first step is fixing the communication gap between Sales and Revenue Management, with BlockBuster, Duetto’s contracted business optimization application. Leverage data-driven rate recommendations per room type and a streamlined workflow within the app to foster collaboration, close more deals and make more money. With BlockBuster, you can:

Unify Sales and Revenue Management

• Simplify Group Sales: Give your sales managers instant access to optimized rate recommendations for every group inquiry. Reduce the back-and-forth emails and time-consuming data entry, and instead enhance collaboration within the app’s purpose-built workflow, closing more group business as a result.

• Protect ADR When Quoting Groups: By reducing the time it takes to quote a set of guests, sales and revenue teams have greater ability to experiment and find the ideal balance between price and occupancy. Create checks and balances between the departments to ensure the right groups receive optimal rates.

• Align Teams Toward the Same Goal: BlockBuster allows Sales and Revenue Management to work from the same data in the same app to yield group business efficiently. Create and replicate the ultimate win-win scenario of Sales moving faster to drive more deals — at higher rates sought by Revenue Management.

Close More Deals to Make More Money

• Formulate the Optimal Group Rate: BlockBuster calculates the ideal price for each group by room type, while giving your hotel complete visibility into your pipeline. Forecast what each set of guests will spend, and project displaced revenue in order to ensure each group fits into your property’s pricing strategy and revenue goals.

• Test Prices and Refine Your Practices: The application gives hotels the flexibility to experiment with alternative group rates to see changes in total revenue. Those projections inform sales and revenue managers about potential effects on profitability, giving them the confidence to turn away low-rated business or yield quotes more aggressively.

• Integrate Seamlessly with Sales and Catering Systems: Eliminate time-wasting double entry and instead import your group reservations from your sales and catering system. Group quotations are automatically pre-populated with all essential data for running a displacement analysis, saving time for your staff. Save your quotes in the application for easier reporting.

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