Condo Management Made Easy. The condo management feature of the Easy InnKeeping PMS provides you with features to manage your condominiums, vacation rentals and serviced apartments.
Access from anywhere. Set up separate login accesses to owners. Calculate commission revenues & generate owner statements. Print monthly reports. Manage individually owned short term / long term units.Add maintenance charges, tax & owner percentages. Consolidate reports. Manage Condo Units with Ease
Use the Condo version of Easy InnKeeping to setup and manage individually owned units that are rented on a short term and/or long term basis (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). This is just the right solution for property management companies within a single location. Get started now to simplify your condo management! Accurate Owner Statements
Finding it hard to calculate owner commissions?? Easy InnKeeping’s Condo software helps you generate owner statements accurately and saves you a lot of time. Integrating flawlessly with the PMS, owner statements reflect room charges, maintenance charges, total tax and owner percentages. Experience an easy to use, comprehensive solution today!…….

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