Channel Manager… easy, quick, automatic!

Thanks to Channel Manager, you can update all your online distribution portals from a single back-office! Discover how simple, fast and reliable it is…

Using our powerful Channel Manager you can manage easily, quickly and automatically all booking portals that sell your rooms. With a simple interface intuitive to every rate, availability or restriction modification on Channel Manager, the system will automatically notify the changes in seconds to all associated distribution channels.

In recent years we have witnessed a sharp rise in hotel bookings on the internet. For some, the Internet is the main resale channel. It is now essential to have professional tools that are able to meet the challenges of Online Marketing. Do not waste any more time, contact us for more information and a presentation of Channel Manager!

2 WAYS 2-way alignment updating of availability.

This feature of Channel Manager allows you to automatically synchronise availability on all configured sales channels. For example, the second a booking is received*, the system will, fully automatically, realign the availability on all configured portals.

* The Channel Manager, in real time, automatically downloads the bookings received from both the portals managed by the XML interface and those not equipped with the XML interface, ensuring the updating of alignments is done on all sales channels.

Operating diagram

The integration between the Booking Expert Channel Manager and your management system (PMS) takes place in a secure and reliable way through an XML interface (OTA) to automatically import from the management systems availability, prices and restrictions, as well as download the bookings.

The integration between the Booking Expert Channel Manager and portals/online booking channels (IDS/B2B/GDS) takes place in a secure and reliable way through a two-way interface XML (OTA) which allows for maximum security and reliability of any request to update/check availability, prices, restrictions and bookings that are made.

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