Manage Your Channels With Avvio CMS.In partnership with SiteMinder, Avvio delivers a deeply integrated channel management solution. This supports the online room distribution strategy of Avvio clients, as one platform manages both the direct and indirect channels.Benefits of Avvio Channel Manager include:
Reduced management time with smart availability rules updating multiple rates across multiple channels: One click within Convert6 enables the Avvio Channel Manager to update your rates and availability across all your online distribution channels.Easy to use & friendly Support: As Avvio Channel Manager resides within Convert6, and with Avvio’s support team on hand to help you map your OTA rates, end-user adoption is quick and ongoing management is easy..Full 2-way XML connectivity to all OTA channels: Single image inventory on Convert6 is also available across all OTAs through pooled inventory. This allows hotels to sell all available inventory across all channels all of the time, automatically adjusting inventory when a booking occurs on any site.Reduced risk of overbooking: Automatic adjustments to inventory across all channels dramatically reduces the hotel’s risk of overbooking.Centralised reporting across all online channel production & asynchronous channel updating: Avvio Channel Manager pulls OTA production data into Convert6’s daily, weekly and monthly reports. This provides management with a ‘bird’s eye view’ of OTA % commission costs vs direct channel production, and highlights channel shift opportunities.No compromise on sophisticated Convert6 rate management: Avvio Channel Manager allows you to maintain your direct channel rate strategy and revenue management best practices, whilst simultaneously distributing OTA rates across indirect channels.Seamless integration with the hotel’s PMS to write back in reservations: Avvio clients with Convert6 PMS integration can benefit from handsfree reservation delivery from OTA channels into the property management system.

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