An innovative software program created for managing online hotel reservations and distribution on IDSs and GDSs.
logo3Developed by analyzing the demands of hoteliers, myCRS is now the most advanced, versatile and competitive technological solution available to meet the needs of revenue management and reservation managers. A sophisticated system with 2-way, integrated IDS and GDS distribution, it offers High speed synchronization, Guaranteed update security and Management from one single program. FRONT END ADVANTAGES myCRS offers a reservation user interface that is very attractive in terms of:
Usability and response speed / Perfect integration with website graphics / Responsive layout GDS CONNECTIVITY The system has integrated GDS connectivity with code OK, Alesia Hotels.myCRS is an international application available in 28 languages, can be used in any time zone and manages all currencies.
mycrs-screen Download Brochure INTEGRATED CHANNEL MANAGER It has an integrated Synchro Channel Manager that connects 2-ways to over 100 OTAs and Metasearch channels.
ADVANTAGES myCRS allows you to increase reservations and, in turn, conversions and revenue. It has a professional and intuitive online reservation front-end
It is integrated with all conversion monitoring systems It allows for optimization of sales in all market segments (individual customers, groups, travel agencies, tour operators, corporates clients)

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