GP Dati - Zucchetti Group

GP Dati is a leading software house specialized in property management systems with about 1000 installations in Italy and other European countries, offering integrated solutions for all needs of the hotel industry: front office, marketing, revenue management, online sales, F&B, purchases, administration.
Main products: Scrigno Suite for hotels, resorts and chains, and Hoasys for small accommodation facilities.
The company was founded in 1981 with the mission of designing and developing engineering solutions and applications for the hotel sector. Our team’s experience in the industry and the company’s vocation for system integrations and customization has always enabled us to provide multiple specialized skills and maintain unquestioned leadership in the Italian PMS market.
In 2017, GP Dati become part of the Zucchetti Group: the biggest Italian Information Technology Group in Europe, with a turnover of 410 million Euros, more than 3,350 employees and operates in over 50 countries worldwide.
The wide range and quality of the Zucchetti group allows GP Dati to guarantee greater capacity for innovation and to expand our range of solutions.

Address: Via Giuseppe Paganello, 22/a, Venezia, 30172 VE, Italia

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