Revenue Per Available Room – REVPAR

Average revenue per available room. It is calculated by using 2 different formulas:   [Total room revenue] / [Number of rooms in inventory]   [Average Rate] x [Occupancy percentage]   By uniting price and occupancy, it eliminates the difference between...

Revenue Per Available Seat Hour – REVPASH

It is a basic measurement of the performance of a restaurant. Introduced in 1988, it is useful to track revenue over time and according to availability (seats). This parameter defines the strategies aimed at restaurant revenue optimization

Revenue Per Available SquareMeters – REVPASM

The RevPasm shows the performance in terms of revenue of the hotel facilities designated to congresses or meetings. It is calculated by dividing the total event revenue on a specific day by the number of square meters of the facility.

Reward Plus

In Sabre (GDS) it identifies the fidelity campaigns addressed to travel agents. Hotels may decide to reward TAs with points according to the number of reservations made. TAs may then redeem the points in exchange for luxury goods, gift cards, etc. With SabreRewards...

Rollercoaster – RCT

Fluctuating rate trend: a high rate follows a low rate which follows a high rate and so on in a loop. A graph showing this trend would end up looking like a rollercoaster.

Room Classes

Rooms are sorted into classes according to dimensions, view, amenities, services. Examples of classes are: Standard, Superior, Executive, Suite, etc.

Room Revenue

Revenue generated by the sale of a room and other extras. (e.g. 1 additional bed).

Room Sales Efficiency – RSE

It represents the efficiency that derives from the occupancy rate of a facility. It is a critical parameter because room sales represent more than 50% of a hotel’s business. Besides, occupancy levels positively affect the general demand of services of the hotel,...

Room Types

Room classification according to: bed size (king, queen, twin, double), number of occupants (single, double, triple,etc..), disable equipment, smoking ∕non smoking.

Room Types Efficiency

It shows the relation between the average sales rate of a single room type and the total average sales rate. It is a measure of the performance of the room types, in terms of ADR. Another way to calculate it without the distortions due to different occupancy levels is...

Room-Nights – R/N

It represents the number of overnight stays. Usually this measurement is carried out at fixed intervals (weekly, monthly, seasonally). It is a different concept from “room-keys” which represents the number of sold rooms (keys). E.g. If the reservation of a room is for...

Rooming List

The rooming list shows in which rooms the members of a group have been accommodated.

Rooms Division

Department of a hotel responsible for the Front Office, Housekeeping and switchboard activities.

Run Of House – ROH

Strategy by hotels of putting on sale all the rooms at the same rate. As a result superior class rooms are sold first. Usually guests are offered the best room available at that moment. This strategy is commonly used in corporate contracts, on openings and for the...