The opposite of Bundling. A process whereby products and/or services are split up. The services included are eliminated to create lower cost products.

Unconstrained Demand

It is the total demand recorded for a particular date that does not take into account the physical capacity of the facility. Unconstrained demand includes demand which has been honored and demand that has been or will be denied. It is an indicator that must be taken...


Pricing strategy whereby two rates may be applied: one the same as and one lower than that of competitors.

Unitary Elasticity Demand

A term which specifies that a variation in price produces a proportional variation in demand. Uniform System Of Accounts for Hotels – USAH The most widely used control system of international management for the hospitality industry (and also in other industries)...

Unsold Rooms

The number of unoccupied rooms on a given day.

Up To Date – UTD

Term commonly used during data analysis.  UTD means development until today. It can be used for final analysis, until yesterday (updated to today) or in predictive analysis such as trends, pick up, forecasts. Value Based Pricing It is a calculation method that is...


Sales technique with which you provide goods (services) of a value higher than the price paid in order to build customer loyalty with the hope that purchases are repeated in the future or that the client may provide others with positive word of mouth publicity....


Sales technique with which you try to entice the customer to buy goods (services) of higher price or more services than originally requested.