One of the world’s top four Global Distribution Systems (GDS). It was the first GDS, founded in 1960 for American Airlines’ ticket reservation system. It is active above all in North America. Today, Sabre handles around 27%  of world GDS reservations for airlines,...

Sales by Type

Sale of rooms by different types closely linked to sales by rate bands.

Same Point In Time – SPIT

The analysis of a future date or period with reference to the same date or period from the previous year.  

Screen Scraping

Technology that emulates human web browsing behavior via automated scripts that send information to a web site designed to receive such a script interpreting it as a human interaction. It is a technique on which was based the first channel manager 1way but which is by...

Segment Accessibility

Within a process of market segmentation, it allows to define of the real level of product access to a profiled user


The division of clientele into market segments, that is to say on the basis of their buying habits of the hotel product. Essential for proper pricing strategy, segmentation facilitates understanding of spending segments and which segments can be defined as Yieldable...

Sell Limit

The time limit beyond which sales cannot go. It can be defined by the total inventory of a hotel (to define strategies for overbooking), or a particular customer segment and rate.

Semi Fixed Costs – SFC

Also called “semi variable”, SFC are costs which vary with a certain number of quantities sold. E.g. housekeeping costs – if outsourced, do not vary for each room sold nor are they fixed whatever the amount of product sold.   EXAMPLE 1 housekeeper every 5...

Short Break

A brief holiday, usually a result of the fragmentation of the annual vacation in shorter periods. Shoulder Day Usually in business oriented facilities this indicates Monday and Friday, intermediate days compared to the midweek (Tuesday – Wednesday –...


Pricing strategy adopted when a company enters a market with an already high price and obtains a selection of those consumers who are either insensible to the rate variable or are not bothered by the spending of large sums for the perceived value of the specific...


The origin of a reservation, that is to say the way in which the reservation was received. There is no pre-defined list of sources and each hotel creates its own on the basis of which kind of monitoring will follow.   For example: Email Fax Internet (OTA)...

Special Event

An event inside or outside the hotel which affects the hotel or the inventory demand. E.g.: a professional meeting held in proximity of the hotel will increase the hotel demand considerably. The events are classified in groups, e.g.: business events (congresses),...

Specific Costs

A cost is defined as specific when it is attributable to a single cost center. E.g. the cost of housekeeping is often attributable only to the rooms department.

Spill / Denied Demand

Denied demand is demand that has been refused as a Turnaway. Spill is when demand is refused and the working day concludes with significant availability.


One of the risks for the Revenue Manager. A mistaken forecast, or the failure to make a forecast, could lead to selling too early. This does not allow optimization of revenue, and could lead to selling the last rooms not on the basis of which clients are able to spend...


Opposite to the risk of Spillage, it is the risk when forecasts, or the failure to make a forecast, create an over-optimistic situation that causes the hotel to set prices that are too high. With the approaching date there is a marked drop in rates in an effort to...


Preferred placement program on Sabre GDS which aims to achieve higher visibility and therefore a higher level of reservations.


Adjusting the availability of (yieldable) rates for length of stay and date of arrival based on their rate value in order to maximize profits from individual sales. Typical instruments of statusing are: minimum length of stay (MinLOS), maximum length of stay (MaxLOS),...

Stay Over

To indicate reservations for several days that includes a certain date. Also known as stay through.

Stay Restrictions

“Stay restrictions” are tactical instruments needed to control demand. These include: MinLOS – Minimum Length of Stay; MaxLOS – Maximum Length of Stay; CTA – Closed to Arrival; CTD – Closed to...

Stay Through

Sales restriction that applies to a specific day of stay, unlike MLOS which applies to the day of arrival. E.g. If a four-night stay through is applied to a specific date, this will be available for purchase only by clients staying at least 4 nights in total, one (any...

Stock Rotation Rate

Indicates the number of times a stock is totally renewed in a given period. A high turnover rate indicates that stock has been stored for only a limited period during the year; the company has managed to quickly recover the funds used for the purchase of stock....

Strategic Business Area – SBA

A specific area of business which is part of the company’s overall activity and which, if separated from the company, is able to survive independently. An individual company which operates in different strategic areas of business will address itself to different...

Submerged Costs

Costs which cannot be recovered in any significant manner. They may be costs related to decisions from the past and related to fixed assets in general which, though still usable, have been rendered technologically obsolete by modern production processes used by the...

Suite – AE

Room type that has the hotel’s highest available standard.   In Italy, by law there must be at least two separate rooms.


Pricing strategy which includes the application of two rates: one higher and one lower than competitors.


Systems external to GDSs but directly interfaced with them; capable of managing in a centralized way static information (photos, descriptions, etc.) and dynamic information (rates, conditions) related to the thousands of hotels (and others) connected to them.