Number of users’ views of a particular advertisement∕banner∕webpage as part of a web marketing campaign. Impressions are important parameters for the evaluation of the performance of a web marketing campaign. Many campaigns are remunerated according to the number of...


Fully- or partially- paid reward trip offered by the company to the employees who reach or go beyond the results set in the incentive plan.

Incentive Plan

Rules for the activation and participation to the incentive plan directed to the achievement and improvement of established results.

Inclusive Tour – IT

Type of rate or travel where the customer pays for a “package” of services. The price of the package is set and is lower than the sum of the value of every single service.

Indifference Index

Important tool for Restaurant Revenue Management. It is useful to determine the meal price for every day of the week, time slot, segment and month.

Inelastic Demand

Also known as Rigid Demand: when a percentage change in price produces a lower percentage change in demand. In House Guests in House, who arrived before the considered date.

Integrity Rule

This rule may be applied as an incentive in flat rate negotiations. It allows an adjustment of the rate whenever the public rate (usually BAR) is lower. E.g. Suppose the negotiated flat rate is 100€ and the BAR on that date is 90€. If the integrity rule of the...


Private network of the company. It can be local or organized in groups to facilitate communication and interaction amongst online users. Inventory All the products that can be individually sold by the hotel. It can concern hotel rooms, restaurants, SPA treatments,...