Galileo is one of the principal GDS in the world. Created in 1971 by American Airlines, it was originally named Apollo. Today it is the third GDS operator worldwide, widely used to book flights, hotels, trains, cruises and car rentals. It is run by Travelport.

Global Distribution Systems – GDS

A Global Distribution System is a computer system originally created for the purchase of airline tickets. Nowadays it also allows hotel bookings, car rentals, train tickets, cruise tickets, and to manage bookings. Its use is worldwide and it has become a basic tool...

Global Review Index – GRI

The Global Review Index is used by Review Pro to obtain one single normalized valuation of the hotel from the numerous feedbacks on the main OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), and is expressed as a value between 1 and 100. The index allows the evaluating of the hotel’s...

Global Sales Office – GSO

Commercial office outside the accommodation facilities, usually coordinated at a higher level. It is responsible for communication with the group’s big accounts and sets the marketing and commercial policies.


Function applied to EMRR and is used to calculate how the probability to sell the n-th room at a fixed rate decreases gradually (descent gradient) when you increase the inventory units sold, starting from a minimum x up to a maximum y of forecasted inventory units...

Gross Capacity Utilization Rate – GCUR

This is the ratio between the number of registered guests and the total availability of hotel beds in a period, not considering seasonal closures.   GCUR  = B × D x100 WHERE G = number of registered guests in the facilities B = number of beds in the facilities D...

Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room – GOPPAR

It represents the average gross profit per available room. This analysis shows that selling superior class rooms is not always as profitable as selling regular rooms. The formula is : [Revpar] – [Costpar]

Gross Operating Profit – GOP

See Hotel Asset Management It represents the management operating margin, not taking into account the rent cost. It is used to compare different managements in different localities assuming the same variable conditions. It is the basis of management contract...

Guaranteed Booking

Reservation confirmed by a credit card number, a contract or an advance on the total payment.